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How to get to TalTechDigital?


You can arrive to TalTechDigital from different city districts by trolleybus number 3 and 4, and buses number 11, 27, 33 and 36.
The easiest way to TalTechDigital is to take trolley nr 3 or bus nr 36 from the city center.
Bus number 2 takes you directly to Tallinn city center from the airport to Tallinn city center.

USE e-transport app on your mobiles!


By Trolley


Take trolley nr 3 from stop called “KAUBAMAJA” just next to Viru shopping center.
The arrival bus stop is “KEEMIA” and it is about 25 minutes from the city center.
TalTechDigital campus (and its Faculties of Economics and Social Sciences and library) is located just next to this trolley stop.


By Bus


Take bus nr 36 from bus stop called “VIRU” near the beginning of Viru street.
After about 25 minutes you should arrive at bus stop “TEHNIKAÜLIKOOL”.
The bus stop is located just in front of TalTechDigital main building (Ehitajate street)

By Taxi


Always check the prices first, which should be posted on the taxi’s right rear window.
Prices consist of a base fare (usually €2.20 - 3.20) plus kilometer rate (one for daytime, one for night; normally around €0.35 - 0.96).
When in doubt, you can agree on a price to your destination with the driver before you get in.
Ordering a taxi by phone is always the best strategy, as you’ll avoid the dishonest taxis that prey on tourists.

Click the Taxify icon below to download an APP to get the closest cab.



List of taxi companies

Here is a list of taxi companies along with their daytime base fares and per-kilometer rates. Night time rates can be about 20% more.

Reval Takso (+372) 1207
Saksa Takso (+372) 1316
Takso24 (+372) 1224
Tallink Takso (+372) 1921
Tulika Takso (+372) 1200