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Medical Insurance

According to European regulations, medical insurance purchased in one of EU countries is valid within the whole European Union’s area.

However, to use medical services abroad EU citizens should hold European Health Insurance Card,

which is issued in the place of person’s permanent residence, i.e. in home country.

As a holder of European Health Insurance Card you have the same right for medical services in Estonia as all Estonian citizens do.

You are also free to choose your own family doctor in one of Tallinn’s hospitals (probably, which is closer to your place).

For more information about going to see a doctor, legislation and Estonian health care system please visit Estonian Health Insurance Fund web page www.haigekassa.ee/eng/eu.

If you are not a holder of European Health Insurance Card, any Estonian Health Care Institution has a right to charge you.

In this case the refund can be made once you turn to Health Care Fund in your home country.

However, the same procedure of making an appointment before visiting a doctor applies as for holders of European Health Insurance Card.

For more information also visit Estonian Health Insurance Fund web page.

The client information line of the Health Insurance Fund is 16363 (calling from abroad +372 669 6630)