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Teamwork project course

So You have decided to become a master in e-governance. Great! Within two-years time you will be regarded as somebody who knows something about this matter. 

What if you could take a shortcut in your journey and get a lump of wisdom already by this December. Got curious already? If so proceed with reading.

A brand new purpose-built team work course (IDU0450) will be available for you in this fall. Along with the fellow 2nd-year students you could attend to practicioners' lectures and get to know the lessons learned about how to design and develop e-governance related services and solutions. At the end of the course you can test your wits and team-working skills in the 2-day long Hackathon.

  • Lectures on Mondays 14:00 - 17:00 @ MEK-202 (Mektory, Raja str 15) on weeks 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 13.
  • Hackaton eve will be held in 21 November to give you overview of what´s going to happen in weekend.
  • Hackaton will be held 22 / 23 November (week 12) in Mektory.
  • Check ois.ttu.ee for more details about the team work course (IDU0450). Detailed information in Moodle.

Having battle-hardened at the Hackathon you have successfully kicked-off your studies at TUT. Besides ever-lasting glory you will get a practical experience in business process modeling and using busines model canvas, also pitching in front of a panel of jury is something worth to mention.


Rein Nõukas (rein.noukas@ttu.ee)